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Venus essays

Venus essays Venus is one of the brightest objects in the sky, so it is clearly visible to the naked eye. It can be tricky to see because it is always near the Sun. So it rises and sets with the Sun each day. Venus rotates "backwards," so the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Ancient civilizations believed they were actually two different objects, so they called the one, which rose the Morning Star, and the one, which sets the Evening Star. Astronomers figured out that it was one object. Venus formed about 4 Billion years ago. At the conclusion of forming, it continued to be hit with leftover material. Venus warmed from the inside and separated into layers. Since Venus is so close to the sun, the atmosphere formed differently than Earths. Venus is known as earths sister planet. In some ways they are very similar. Venus is a little smaller than Earth (95% of Earths diameter and 80% Earths mass). Both have few craters indicating young surfaces. From the similarities, it was thought that below its dense clouds, Venus might be very earth like and might even have life. However, with more detailed study, Venus is different than Earth in many ways. Venus has a slow rotational period, single plate surface, lack of a satellite, extremely weak magnetic field, lack of water, high surface temperature, and dense atmosphere. These are the differences but we still have a lot to learn about our Sister Planet. The interior of Venus is probably similar to Earths interior. Venus, like Earth, is one of the terrestrial planets and is made of rock and metal. It probably has a partly molten metallic core, a rocky mantle, and a crust. The surface of Venus consists of 2 large continents which are Ishtar Terra, found near the north pole of Venus and Aphrodite Terra, found near the equator of Venus. It has mountain ranges, and a few large islands. There are craters that show, liquid once f ...

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Charles Goodyear - The History of Vulcanized Rubber

Charles Goodyear - The History of Vulcanized Rubber Caoutchouc was the name for rubber used by the Indians of Central and South America. History of Caoutchouc Besides pencil erasers, rubber was used for many other products, however, the products were not standing up to extreme temperatures, becoming brittle in winter. During the 1830s, many inventors tried to develop a rubber product that could last year-round. Charles Goodyear was one of those inventors, whose experiments put Goodyear into debt and involved in several patent lawsuits. Charles Goodyear In 1843, Charles Goodyear discovered that if you removed the sulfur from rubber then heated it, it would retain its elasticity. This process called vulcanization made rubber waterproof and winter-proof and opened the door for an enormous market for rubber goods. Rubber Bands - On March 17, 1845, the first rubber band was patented by Stephen Perry of London, made from vulcanized rubber. Perry owned the manufacturing company Messers Perry and Co., of London, England.Elastic FabricsEraserHeelHoseRubber Soled ShoesRubber Stamp InventionBalloonsTiresVulcanized Rubber On June 24, 1844, Charles Goodyear was granted patent #3,633 for vulcanized rubber.

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Food & Beverage Operations Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Food & Beverage Operations - Case Study Example Organising helps to keep things running smoothly and saves time and unnecessary work. There should be a system in performing the tasks and responsibilities. "Food Expo 2006" was the event that the Food and Beverage course students participated in. The expo fell under the category of Function and Event Catering. This category consists of weddings, dinner dances, social functions, business functions, working lunches, meetings, and conferences. Function catering is found in the commercial and non-commercial sectors of the catering industry. One month of planning involved working with the budget, marketing, labour utilization, etc. As the planning was being done, it was also important that there was flexibility in the planning as changes usually occur in catering events. Posters were created and displayed on the notice board as part of the marketing plan. A small contribution was collected in order to estimate the number of people who would attend and to insure that the message of the event was being circulated. A total of eighteen students met three times during that month. The students were divided into four groups with different tasks. The planning involved one of the key factors and that was to plan the menu. The most important part of the event is the meal and the meal experience is an event that starts the moment guests arrive. The menu consisted of Devilled Lamb Curry with Chopped Strawberries, Chicken Chablis, Mix Steamed Vegetables with Gravy, Thai Green Fish Curry, Boiled Rice, and Side Salad. In order to make the meal experience and the event go smoothly, much had to be done behind the scene. Since the food would be prepared in one area and the dining would take place in another area, it was important that students learned that the flow of materials (food, chairs, equipment, etc.) should be as direct as possible. If there are too many cross flows of traffic and back-tracking, then the risk of hazards increases and time is also wasted. This also affects the cost of labour (in the real business world). Carts, trolleys, and other mechanical aids that are available and/or can be accessed should be used in alleviating the human handling of materials. This should be concerned in the planning process. What is needed is determined by the types of events and the budget. The traditional method of food production was how the meal was prepared as the food was purchased raw and little dependency was placed on convenience foods. Fresh fish, lamb, and other ingredients were purchased at a nearby shop. At ten o' clock on the day of the event, everyone met at the basketball ground on the top floor. The food would be prepared in a nearby classroom and it had been cleared for that specific reason. Two gas burners, aprons, and caps were provided. Students were given instructions on how to proceed with the food preparation and cooking. Various instructions were given to each group. I.e., one group's instructions included setting the table as the food would be served at one o' clock that afternoon. Another group would prepare the Chicken Chablis. The lecturer started the camcorder in order to record the day's events and all that was taking place. The lecturer interviewed the groups

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International Business and Cultural Diversity Essay - 1

International Business and Cultural Diversity - Essay Example In the modern, contemporary society, one of the most overused terms is culture (Samovar, Porter and McDaniel 2012). According to Schein 2010, culture can be divided into four broad categories. These are macro cultures, subcultures, organizational cultures and micro-cultures (Bosshardt 2006). Culture is a dynamic phenomenon and a basic background structure that has the effect of influencing us in a wide variety of ways. It is constantly changing and reenacted by our constant interactions with other people and is progressively shaped by our own behavior. The main connection between culture and leadership can clearly be seen in microcultures and organizational cultures where the culture in such systems is usually thought of as the end result of the embedding that an organization’s founder or leader within the group has imposed upon it and it with positive results (Schein, 2010). Culture can also be broadly defined as a set of shared values like beliefs, norms, behaviors, attitudes, material objects and symbolic resources. Basically speaking it can be thought of as the basic rules for functioning and living within a given society (Samovar, Porter and McDaniel 2012). Variables can broadly be defined as items that we can control, measure or even manipulate while performing research. They are viewed as characteristics that have the potential of having more than one value or score. They can be viewed as being relatively straightforward for instance when we consider variables such as income or age while sometimes they can be viewed as being relatively abstract such as when we are considering items such as a degree of prejudice or even social class (Inglehart and Welzel 2007). Researchers constantly analyze variables in order to determine how they end up influencing each other.Social variables can be viewed as logical sets of attributes. An attribute of a person is either male or female will have the main variable of gender or sex (Weinstein 2005).

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Factors influencing TESCOs decision to invest in Malaysia

Factors influencing TESCOs decision to invest in Malaysia For any company to enter into the international market for the first time, a proper research and analysis regarding the challenges and current marketing conditions prevailing in the targeted country must be undertaken. The project has been undertaken to analyse, understand and highlight the major challenges that TESCO can face while entering into Malaysia for the first time. The report focuses on the Political and Legal, Economical, Socio cultural Technological and environmental challenges that may create a difficulties for TESCO to start its business in Malaysia. Introduction to TESCO Tesco PLC is a UK based supermarket chain. It is the largest British retailer, both by global sales and domestic market share, and the fourth largest retailer in the world behind Wal-Mart of the USA, Carrefour of France, and The Home Depot of the USA. Tesco has a long term strategy for growth, based on four key parts: growth in the Core UK business, expand by growing internationally, be as strong in non-food as in food and to follow customers into new retailing services. Environmental Analysis of Malaysia Political Legal Environment Rising Political instability Data In recent months, The political ruling party Barisan Nasional is facing the problem of fall in its strength in ruling the country. The opposition Party Pakatan Rakyat power influence on the Malaysians is increasing which has resulted into possibilities of undertaking of elections in the coming months. Analysis It is predicted that the opposition party may emerge as victorious which lead to increased political uncertainty lower economic growth for 1-2 years. Sales may slow down in the initial years which may be due to increased political uncertainty and disturbance on spending of public during the handover process. The handover process is generally a time consuming lengthy process. it may result into impaired business for the company. lower economic growth in the beginning years may affect the purchasing power of consumers. The company may have to reduce its cost to overcome lower sales in initial years. TESCO may have to reduce its cost on marketing and advertising . The consumers may prefer price and value over quality brand. Political war between the two parties may also result in the outcome of riots which may also result into physical damage of Tescos Property and buildings. Challenge Slow economic growth at the time of change in government which may lead to slow business in the beginning of setting its business in Malaysia. The consumers may prefer price over quality. TESCO may need to have strong control over its expenses. Riots may cause physical damage to TESCOs property if the Political war emerges. Restrictions on Press Advertising Data The Malaysian Government has a very tight control on media like TV, radio, newspapers, outdoor advertising etc for broadcasting of commercials and advertisements. The advertising code code of ethics are to be followed by all the companies business in Malaysia. Analysis The government has kept ban on advertisement of products like alcohol, pork, products with unacceptable images etc. Also, advertisement related to exposure of body parts anti social content like foul language, uncompetitive practices, religious comparisons etc are strictly prohibited. The advertisement must be shot in Malaysia with Malaysian models in the advertisements. No international models from other countries are allowed. Also, the musicals of the ad must be done in Malaysia. Advertisements related to food drink products must highlight the importance necessity of balanced diet to the viewers. Powerful emphasis on the speciality lifestyle of the country of origin of an imported product is not allowed in the advertisements. Challenges TESCO will have to change its marketing and advertising strategy in Malaysia. The government control on advertising media may disallow advertisement commercials of many products of TESCO UK. The company may also have to undergo the process of repackaging re labeling on their products. TESCO will have to create new ideas to advertise its product which could be expensive and time consuming. Focus on many cultural groups Data Malay, Chinese Indian community are the 3 major cultural groups in Malaysia. Chinese Indian community are the minority communities in the country. The recent attacks against the Christian church has created political instability social unrest among the people. Analysis The wealth gap between less richer Malays very rich Chinese and Indian ethinic group in Malaysia has always been a point of concern in Malaysian politics. There has been many issues regarding this issue in the past which created a tension in the Malaysian political environment. But currently, the government is taking efficient measures to reduce the tension between the cultural groups. Christianity is also a minority religion in Malaysia on which government has to keep its attention. However, in the beginning of 2010, there were a series of attacks against Christian church because of some high court decisions. All these factors may lead to political instability in the near future. Political instability may result into the change in government. Christianity is the major religion in UK. Malaysians may tend to emotionally link the products of TESCO with Christianity as TESCO is a UK based company. This may initially led to the unacceptance of the products by Malaysians due current social unrest which may affect the sales and brand image of TESCO in Malaysian market. This may also affect the marketing and advertising strategy of TESCO. The company may have to frequently and carefully advertise its product to the consumers to change their perception about the link between Christianity and the Companys product offering. This may result into heavy expenditures resulting into the rise in cost of the company. Challenges Recent attack on churches may create the perception of link between UK TESCO products and Christianity religion which may affect the sales of TESCO. TESCO will need to advertise more frequently to change the consumers perception about the Christian religion and the local products it sells to Malaysians. Impact of terrorism Data Analysis Rising tension between Malay, Chinese Indian cultural groups in Malaysia in last few years have created a threat of internal terrorism in Malaysia. The war between the ethnic Chinese terrorists Malaysian government came to end after 42 years. However, in the beginning of 2010, there were a series of attacks against Christian church because the court said that the Christians can refer GOD as ALLAH. Challenge Sales may become difficult due to religious unrest. TESCO many have to opt for an option of Public relations on a regular basis which may increase the expenses of the company. Economical Environment Low Purchasing Power Data The GDP per capita income of Malaysia and UK for 2008 was $14,215 $35,468 respectively. Malaysia can be classified as the country of people having upper middle income level whereas UK population can be classified under high income level. Analysis The purchasing power of UK is more the purchasing power of Malaysia. It clearly reflects that the disposable income of Malaysia is comparative low to that of Uk. The per capita income disposable income of Britishers is very high thereby increasing their purchasing power. Due to high purchasing power, normally people in UK prefer brands and are brand loyal are willing to spend extra on the products. The per capita income of Malaysians is comparatively very low to that compared with Britishers. Lesser income signifies that the disposable income will be lower thereby reducing purchasing power. This will directly result in the emergence of price sensitive market condition in Malaysia where brand loyalty could be given less priority by Malaysians. Lower per capita income of Malaysians will result into low purchasing power making Malaysia a price sensitive market where buyers may be ready to buy any product with less or no brand importance. So the company sales might get affected due to this. TESCO may have to change its products, lower the quality lower the price so that the products can be produced cost effectively consumers can afford to buy. TESCO may have to start its own manufacturing unit along with its own new supply chain management and search for local suppliers in Malaysia who can provide products of good quality at a lower price. This may help in producing products at lower cost which the Malaysians can intend to buy. TESCO will have to search the place to set up their business to get proximity to the market which may help in lowering the distribution cost of its product. Challenges Lower consumer income will affect sales of the company. Uk products have high quality with high price. The company may have to rechange its quality of the products as per the price. TESCO will have to start its new supply chain management distribution system to make the local products for cost efficiency. TESCO will need to find their place of setting business where Distribution cost is very low. The company will have to look for local supply chain who can meet all above requirements. Foreign Currency Fluctuation Risk Data The foreign exchange of 1GBP to 1Malaysian Ringett in recent months has fallen from 5.8RM to 4.7RM. The interest rate of Malaysia UK in the beginning of the year 2010 were 2.25% 0.5% respectively. Analysis The key factor for fluctuations in currency exchange rates is the interest rate in different countries. Malaysia offers significantly higher interest rates than UK. Then investors will want to put money into Malaysia, thus increasing demand for the currency. The increase in currency demand may result into lowering value of Pound thus creating Foreign currency fluctuation risk.Exchange Rates are very important for any country as they determine the level of imports and exports. Challenge Importing products may become a costly option due to fluctuation in currency risk. The company may have to look for local suppliers and also may have to start new supply chain management to reduce the cost. Unemployment Level Data The recent Global financial crisis is still having a major impact on employment level in all the countries of the world. The unemployment rate in UK has reached to 8% in march 2010. The unemployment rate has increased from 3.2% in 2007 and has reached to 3.7% in march 2010. Analysis Increase in unemployment of Skilled, Semiskilled Labourers has been a major concern for Malaysian government in last few years. The Malaysian Government may put some employment restrictions on all the Multinational companies in Malaysia to hire the local Malaysians for employment. The restrictions may include more hiring of Malaysians in comparison to foreign employees irrelevant of their level of skills. Even though the higher unemployment in their home country, TESCO may undergo the pressure of hiring more Malaysians in comparison of foreign employees and provide training to them to meet the required skills for employment which may increase the overall expenses of the company. Also, employing foreign workers in Malaysia will be an expensive cost incurring idea thus increasing the operational cost of the firm affecting the product pricing. Challenge Employing foreign talent may not be possible to run the business. Providing training for Local staff would be expensive and time consuming process. Creating new supply chain management Data Low purchasing power of Malaysians, high foreign currency fluctuation and price sensitive market in the country are becoming major factors for the companies to reduce their prices of the product. Analysis Low Purchasing power of Malaysians in comparison with those of UK will create a price sensitiveness in the country where people may prefer Price over quality. Foreign currency fluctuation between Malaysian Ringett and UK Pound has been unstable in recent times. In importing goods, TESCO may end up in paying more than their usual price thus increasing the overall cost of the product. TESCO will have to reduce the price to meet the market price with its competitors product. The company will have to look for new supply chain management along with new suppliers who can provide the required quality at lesser price to meet the comsumers expectation. Setting up the new supply chain along with new local suppliers will be a big challenge as TESCO is an International Company. Challenges Importing goods from UK will be expensive for TESCO. Tesco may have to compromise on the quality of the product in case of price sensitive market. TESCO will have to set up new supply chain management along with new local suppliers to meet both the price and quality requirement of the consumers. Socio Cultural Environment Labeling Packaging Requirements Data Analysis The Malaysian government is very strict about the labeling language used on the products sold in the country. The language on all the products saleable, whether local or imported, must be written in Bahasa Malaysia or English. And in case of imported goods, the language used in either case may also include translation in any other languages. Since the Government rules regulations is very strict in Malaysia, TESCO would have to Change its labeling repack the products with descriptions in both English bahasa Malaysia Language. Also, the company will have to give more information on the product about its HALAL Certification, ingredients, Date marking, Nutrition Labeling etc. The company will have to change its packaging strategy for its products due to hot humid climatic conditions prevailing in Malaysia This will increase the cost of packaging labeling of all the products to be sold. So to gain economies of scale, TESCO may have to increase its sales volume to cover up the cost of change in labeling packaging. Challenge Relabeling and repackaging the products due to language barrier will be costly and time consuming. TESCO may have to keep on advertising its product on a regular basis to overcome the language barrier. Halal certification Data Analysis The concept of Halal on food non food category of product consumption is a vital issue in any muslim country. Islam is the official religion followed in Malaysia. The religion of Islam demands that the product to be consumed must be HALAL. In Malaysia, The Muslim consumers look for the HALAL certification on the products which is issue by Malaysias Department Of Islamic Development (JAKIM). In recent years, the Muslim consumers in Malaysia are faced with broad selection of products services which are either locally named or are international products certified as HALAL. The Competition is intense in the Malaysian market where local retailers have an upper hand for the sale of products by projecting their products as Islamic brands with the help of creative packaging labeling on their products. TESCO will have to certify HALAL certification on all it products will have to show the logo on each HALAL certified product. This will result into rising of its operating cost. Also, The HALAL certificate is valid for only 1year. So, the company may have to incur these cost every year. Challenge Certification of Halal on all products is costly and time consuming. The validity of certification is very less which results into occurrence of repetitive expenses every year. Advertising, packaging and labeling strategy would change which may increase the cost of the firm. Intense competition from local retailers will be a challenge. Technological Environmental Factors Accessibility Updation of Information Data and Analysis The percentage of urban population to total population in the year 2008 was 70.4%. Most of the hypermarkets are located in the urban areas. Rural consumers may have little access to either buy the product online or going to the nearest hypermarket in their area. So, setting the business in urban market will be a challenge to TESCO to meet capture the market share the requirements of both rural urban population. In recent years, in Malaysia, Online purchasing has become an easy, time, cost energy saving way to buy the products. This method is more followed by the urban consumers to book an order. So, TESCO will have to keep a regular update on timely basis about the availability of its products on its online purchasing website for its consumers. Challenge Target market may get narrow down due to low internet access in rural areas. Starting a business in rural area may increase the transportation cost to the urban consumers. Regular update on timely basis about the availability of its products on its online purchasing website for its consumers will be a challenge. Impact of global warming, deforestation environmental factors Data Analysis Water air pollution, impact of global warming has affected the health of the people in Malaysia. Deforestation due to regional development is also another factor affecting the country. The Malaysian government is now becoming very strict for control over these environmental problems. Any business, whether local or multinational business, has to comply with all the set of rules and regulations related to the environmental issues laid by the Malaysian government. Government may also disallow the companies in setting up of warehouses in the certain selected parts of the country. TESCO, being an multinational brand, will have to follow the strict prescribed rules laid by the Malaysian Government and may have to submit regular reports to the government regularly regarding the working of the company. Challenge Setting up of warehouses near TESCOs hypermart can be a big challenge. Transportation cost may get increased due to problem in selecting area for warehouses. Restriction on certain products can affect the business of TESCO.

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Eurotechnologies Inc Essay

BATNA: The city of Tamarack will give a 25% tax incentive to Twin Lakes Mining Company if the company agrees to construct paved roads and restore the consumed mines area. The city of Tamarack will agree to maintain the roads during the winter season. | Reservation: The city of Tamarack will construct pave roads if Twin Lakes Mining Company agrees to maintain the roads and restore the tourist areas. | Walk away: Construction of dirt roads and restoration of the land near the tourist locations. | 2. On behalf of the city of Tamarack, I would like to negotiate a solution to find a common ground on which we can agree on how the roads will be paved, who will maintain the roads, who will restore the consumed mines and a potential tax break for Twin Lakes Mining Company. Twin lakes mining companyï ¼Ë†hereafter known as companyï ¼â€°makes significant contribution to tamarackï ¼Å'Minnesota—employing 60% of residentï ¼Å'providing 33% of the city realestate tax base—and is considered an integral entity to the town’s longevity.The city needs Twin Lakes Mining Company to maintain the Current city of tamarack . 4. Government Twin Lakes Mining Company’s operates on a zero deficit city of tamarack nnum decree. Lake mining company has directly caused some problemsï ¼Å'such as the need for improvement concerning water qualityï ¼Å'air qualityï ¼Å'and effluvia and pollution management。The city also relies upon the heave property economiy to provide economicï ¼Å'culture and recreation services to the government community。Twin Lakes Mining Company does not lead the city of tamarack to continue operation in other locations improvement as a corporate entity. 5. Company Our company recognizes the urgency from the city to deal with water qualityï ¼Å'air quality and road maintenanceï ¼Å'escalating demands ï ¼Å'and the overall  climate of the industry accompanied by the financial limitations placed by city of tamarack office。Based on this knowledgeï ¼Å'the following lists embody the issue and objectives to be addressed during the negotiation period。 Issue ï ¼Å¡ Our company treatment plan——the city economy projected growth over the next few years will require an additional water sourceï ¼Å'company must address clean up issue for basic requirement and co-existence with city。 Bond issue——assuming ï ¼Å¸Ã¯ ¼Å¸Million bond would tie company to city Taxes——company is paying too much in taxesï ¼Å'considering them unfair in structure and amountï ¼Å'and is unacceptable Road —Construct paved roads with funds from Twin Lakes Mining Company and restore land near tourist resort areas. | Target: A 25% tax break for Twin Lakes Mining Company in exchange for paved roads and restoring land near tourist areas. |—

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The First Amendment And The Freedom Of Expression

The first amendment gives U.S. individuals five fundamental rights (also known as the freedom of expression): Religion: Lets citizens participate and hold whatever religious beliefs they want. Speech: Consists of both verbal and nonverbal communication to express and be introduced to different perspectives. Press: Permits the obtainment and publication of information or opinions without government control or punishment. Assembly: Enables the meeting with a group of people to protest for various concerns such as economic, political, or religious causes. Petition: Allows citizens to take part in the process of independence and appeal. Amendment 2: Right to Bear Arms (Passed by Congress 9/25/1789 ratified 12/15/1791) The second amendment†¦show more content†¦However, the government officials are required to have a warrant. Under the fourth amendment, a search happens when the government violates a person’s privacy and a seizure occurs when the government takes charge of a person or an object in his or her possession. This amendment only limits searches, but does not restrict all of them. Amendment 5: Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, Due Process, and Eminent Domain/Takings (Passed by Congress 9/25/1789 ratified 12/15/1791) The fifth amendment contains several methods of protection for defendants in criminal proceedings. First, it states that the victims don’t need to answer charges or accusations, unless there is a grand jury and evidence is presented by a prosecutor in court. If a person in the military is issued, they will need to go to courts-martial in the military justice system. To be fair, grand jurors are selected to listen to the evidence and act using their own knowledge. Another topic in the fifth amendment is double jeopardy. If a victim is punished multiple times for the same criminal act, as the fifth amendment states, the government cannot prosecute the person more than once because they have limited power. Self-incrimination is also a widely spoken topic because the person has the right to remain silent and cannot be forced to reveal. This amendment also contains the